Both shipping costs and shipping method should be subject to what is stated on Payment Page, and this may vary for different delivery destinations

shipping time
We ship within 3-7 days of receiving the order. In exceptional cases, we will send an e-mail notification.

Our stores default to standard express . If you need to upgrade to express, send an e-mail to contact customer service

Shipping may be delayed during peak order periods. In the event of an emergency, please contact customer service note

Arrival time
Delivery times vary by shipping method. Transit times vary depending on your location and the origin of the package. You can also check the table below for more details on delivery times:

Shipping Method          

Delivery Time    (Working Days)

Standard Shipping 8-12 days North America (USA )
Standard Shipping 6-12 days Oceanica (Australia)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days  Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days Europe(Sweden, Portugal, Italy)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days Europe (England)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days Europe(Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Greece, Austria)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)
Standard Shipping 6-12 days North America (Canada, Mexico)
Standard Shipping 7-15 days South America (Columbia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador)
Standard Shipping 7-15 days Asia (Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Israel, Saudi, Arabia, Cyprus, Palestine)
Standard Shipping 5-12 days Europe (Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Russia)
Standard Shipping 5-12 days Africa (Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Africa, Niger, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Sultan, Guinea)
Standard Shipping 5-12 days Oceanica (New Zealand)
Fast Express 3-8 days Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Roatia, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Estoni) 
Europe England
Fast Express 3-8 days North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
Fast Express 3-8 days South America (Columbia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador)
Fast Express 3-8 days Asia (Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Palestine)
Fast Express 3-8 days Africa (Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Africa, Niger, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Sultan, Guinea)
Fast Express 3-8 days Oceanica (Australia New Zealand)

Affected by the coronavi

Affected by the coronavirus epidemic, it may lead to extension of the delivery time. In some areas or countries with serious epidemic , the delivery time may be twice as much as the normal standard.

Additional Information

  • Please be advised that public holidays in your country may cause some delays in the delivery of your orders. In this case, please expect the arrival of your parcel on the next business day.
  • We will be happy to assist you on any delivery concerns by contacting our Customer Service department co*****@3d************.co
  • 3dwallstickers Store aims to deliver your goods on time. However, please note that peak sale periods, technical glitches, extreme weather conditions or any force majeure events may cause some delays in the shipment and delivery of your orders. In such cases, we will try our very best to keep such inconveniences to a minimum.
  • For further concerns and inquiries, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at co*****@3d************.co